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February 24, 2011 / assembled

Seat at the Table

The changing media environment has a significant impact on the role of professional communicators. A crucial aspect of our job as communicators is to use words to construct messages that move people to action. However, the medium in which we deliver these messages is changing. It has already changed, and it will continue to evolve into a direction we have little control over. Our job now is to ensure that our messages adapt to new mediums that reach our audiences in an impactful way. But that’s not all. In addition to successfuly sending our messages, we need to listen, and we need to participate in the conversation.

The one-way communications channels of the past are long gone, but they have given rise to a two-way street, where participatory dialogue is not just expected, but required. People want to share their opinions and voice their concerns. They also want to complain. Not only do they want someone to listen, but they want someone to respond.

For a brand, this presents a huge opportunity. Finding these conversations, participating in these conversations, and influencing these conversations will be a challenge, but with this challenge comes a great opportunity. As a communications professional who understands the changing media landscape, it will be increasingly important for us to find, listen, and respond to what consumers are saying online. Using these insights will prove to be very important in driving a business strategy. Public Relations has had to fight long and hard to earn their seat at the table, but as companies begin to respond to the changing media environment, it is becoming increasingly clear that communications professionals need a seat. Maybe even two or three.


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  1. lina Maria Clavijo / Mar 10 2011 5:29 am

    Public relation professionals have a great challenge in adding value to the communication field through strategic thinking and corporate counseling. Often we face the paradigm that public relations are just a part of a marketing plan. New media has terminated the corporate monologue and has opened a new dialogue with a myriad of audiences. And this is transforming the role of public relations and adding more relevance to the function. Corporations need to manage their relations with all their constituencies while guarding their most important asset; reputation. Therefore, public relations practitioners need to be prepared and educated to be key business partners and active contributors to companies’ strategic direction.

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