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February 4, 2011 / assembled

The Power of the Mind

The Tinkerbell Effect: The cause of things to exist or become reality only because people first believed in them.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: A prediction that directly or indirectly becomes true, by the very nature of believing a prediction, as a result of the relationship between belief and behavior and the power of thought in transforming molecules and energy, and therefore human behavior.

Keynesian Beauty Contest: A study of rational free agents in a free market and their subsequent actions based on a fictional newspaper contest, in which people were asked to decide which photographs of a woman’s face were “the most beautiful”. Those who chose the most popular answer (face) would be eligible to receive a prize. In the end, it was not about choosing the face that one personally believed to be the prettiest, nor the face that average opinion thought to be the prettiest. There exists a third degree, where we actively devote our intelligence to anticipating what the average opinion expects the average opinion to be.

Image: Street Art- New York City, NY. USA

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