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February 4, 2010 / assembled

Brown Sugar Kitchen

2534 Mandela Parkway, Oakland, CA. USA

Tanya Holland, Head Chef and Owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen, is a name you need to know. Located in West Oakland, California, Holland’s first restaurant is a space where her personal background, her experience at La Varenne Ecole in France, and her time at Thomas Keller’s New York City restaurant Rakel all come together beautifully, just as you might suspect they would.

The 2nd year anniversary party on January 31st held at Brown Sugar Kitchen was without a doubt, the place to be. The food (organic, local and hormone-free, when possible) was in abundance, the crowd was lively and eclectic, the artwork was original, and the vibe was inspired by Tanya’s joie de vivre. Holland has been featured in media outlets around the nation, and it is sans surprise that she has quickly become an important and influential fixture in northern California culture and cuisine.

Images: Brown Sugar Kitchen- Oakland, CA. USA

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